Mesa Police Alarm Unit

Alarm User Permit Application

If you live in a county island and your Police Services are provided by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, you cannot apply for a permit with the Mesa Police Department. Please call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to see if you need to obtain an alarm permit with them.

- The following fields are required for the new alarm permit.

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Type of Alarm Permit

The City of Mesa requires a permit for any functioning alarm system. 3 types of permits are available. CHOOSE ONLY ONE

The Burglary function is the audible portion of your alarm system which includes all door contacts, motion detectors and/or window glass detectors. (Resident and/or Business)

The Panic or Hold-up function is the silent portion of your alarm system which includes a button on the key fob, or at the keypad, under a counter, in the freezer, on a wall or on a necklace. (Resident and/or Business)

Would like both Both Panic and Hold-up functions (Resident and/or Business)

Alarm User Information

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Alarm User Information

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By submission of this on-line alarm permit application, I hereby affirm that I have read, understand and agree to comply with the following items:

  • I have been instructed by the alarm company on how to properly operate my alarm system
  • I have the monitoring company telephone number to use for cancellations, to test my alarm, to update telephone contact information and to request alarm service or repairs.
  • I understand that I cannot cancel a robbery/panic alarm activation
  • I understand that to cancel a false alarm activation I must call my alarm company and give them my proper cancellation code. If I only call the Mesa Police Department, they will advise me to call my Alarm Company to properly cancel Police Response.
  • I will conduct periodic testing of my alarm system. (At least once per year)
  • I will instruct any "New" alarm users on how to operate the alarm system, how to cancel a false alarm activation and will provide them with a proper cancellation code. ("New" alarm users include; house sitters, cleaning crews, realtors, new employees, babysitters, repairmen and construction crews.)
  • I understand that pets, balloons and new items in an alarmed area can cause a false alarm.
  • Per the City of Mesa Alarm Code 6-15 the alarm monitoring company is required to make two telephone calls to the alarm user prior to dispatching police to allow an opportunity for cancelling the alarm activation. I have called my Monitoring Company and verified that the numbers they have on file are correct and updated as of today.

I also agree that I am familiar with Mesa City Code 6-15 and will comply with the provisions of its Chapter. I agree to maintain my alarm system in good working order and make every effort to not cause any false alarm calls. I am the responsible person for this alarm system.

By checking this box, I hereby affirm that I have read, understand and agree to comply with the above items.

Double clicking WILL cause duplicate payments